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Stefan Reiß

Trust, Expertise & Humanity

I am a person of many interests. One of my life's big passions since 2008 is the Chinese language.
Since starting to study this language, I´ve encountered so many interesting things and people. But also I could grow because of not too less difficulties and gain experience.
With those in "tools" aqcuired within these times, I now want to give something back to the people and world.

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Stefan Reiß

My Expertise



Fluent in Writing & Speaking. Constantly improving since 2008. Tested in seven stays with different duration and motives.


Online-Shops & Sales

Experience in setting up, conception, visualization & implementation of several online shops on eBay, Amazon and as stand-alone.

Import & Export

Non-Food commodities from and to Germany

Receiving and sending different kind of commities both via express and ship. Stable contacts in logistics available in both countries.

Trade Mark

Conception und Implementation of a trade mark

Woodgrass, Edwardi, Kranich: Experience in conception, design, registration, implementation and sales in Germany and EU.


Webdesign & Photography

Website coding CSS/HTML5, travel photography, product photography & editing with Photoshop and Lightroom.


Expression & Public Appearances

Comfortable in presenting myself in public or on stage. Learnt as language teacher, Taekwondo instructor, moderator of gala evenings & as actor in commercials.


"Socializing of children in a Chinese kindergarten"

Autonomous research in Qingdao, China 2009. Research paper in the field of Cultural Anthropology at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg.


Management of Distribution Warehouses

Setting up and running a warehouse for Li-Mi International GmbH and Sanzoom International Ltd.

My Education


Cultural Anthropology & Chinese Studies B.A. 2007-2012

Study at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg i.Brsg.

Additional seminars & qualifications:
- BWL basics
- Intercultural competence
- Marketing basics
- Human resource management
- Research assistant in Chinese Studies for Dr. Leese
- Tutor in Chinese

Year abroad

Nanjing Normal University (China) 2011

Two semesters at Normal University of Nanjing in China 2011.

One of several stays in China for language imrovement.

What do I offer?

"There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way."

-- Buddha --

Software Skills


E-Commerce Skills


Work Experience

General Manager Li-Mi International GmbH • Online-Marketing Aukeys Ltd. • Customer Service Aukeys + Captain Bikes • Photographer Soxon Germany • Translator Several • Proof Reader Several • Research Assistant Uni Freiburg • Intercultural Advisor Workshops • Bar Management CS Freiburg • Chinese Tutor Uni Freiburg • Ad Model Nanjing • Salesman Dänisches Bettenlager • Travel Guide Beijing • Retail Edeka • German Teacher Beijing • Catering Café Extrablatt • Web Designer Several • Instructor Taekwondo Althengstett e.V. • Caretaker Nursing Home • Child Care Summer Camp Dätzingen

Contact Me

Stefan Reiß

Bernburger Str. 20
10963 Berlin